Stallion breeding contract for:
2001 Tovero Black (EE) and White Blue-eyed Miniature Horse Stallion ______________________________________________________________________________________
This contract is for the breeding services for LTD’s Quick Cash to the following mare for the ______ breeding season:
Mare’s Name: ______________________________  Owners Name: ____________________
Mare’s Registrations number.’s (if applicable):
         AMHA: _________________________         AMHR: _______________________
         PtHA: __________________________          WCMHR: _____________________
         BEHA: _________________________          Other: _________________________
Stallion Breeding Fees:  $500
Booking Fee: 15% ($75.00 non-refundable and applied to breeding fee)
Mare Care: $50/month or $2/day if less than a full month
Breeding Terms/Conditions/Procedures:
1. This is to be a live foal guarantee out of the above Mare and LTDs Quick Cash.  A return breeding is granted to said mare if the foal does not survive through gestation or if the Mare produces a live foal that is unable to stand and nurse and subsequently dies within 24 hours after birth.  A veterinarian’s certificate must be furnished to Breeder within 30 days from the date of loss of said unborn foal or foal that does not survive the first 24 hours.  Failure to provide said certificate within 30 days after mares due date will void the live foal guarantee.

2. This is to be a color foal guarantee out of the above Mare and LTDs Quick Cash.  If the stallion and mare fail to produce a pinto colored foal, the mare owner has the option to sell the non-color foal back to the stallion owner for the cost of one-half of the original breeding fee and will receive a return breeding at no cost for breeding or mare care.  The term “no cost” does not include veterinary care.  If the mare owner chooses to keep the non-color foal, the color foal guarantee will be considered void.

3. Stallion Owner shall assume no liability for a Mare that will not breed, cannot conceive, or for accidents.  Stallion Owner will exercise every effort to settle.  A uterine culture and biopsy will be required if Mare does not settle after 3 cycles. 

4. If the Mare does not settle during the current breeding season, Mare or a substitute mare will be eligible for a return service to LTD’s Quick Cash, the following breeding season only, with only Mare care fees applicable.

5.  If the Mare is examined to be in foal but becomes barren during gestation, Mare Owner must obtain a veterinary certificate to Due Process Stable within 5 days of said exam and the mare will be eligible to return to Due Process Stable for a re-breeding during the current or following breeding season.
6. Non-Assignment.  This agreement cannot be transferred or assigned.  If the Mare loses her unborn foal or said foal does not survive the first 24 hours after birth, there shall be no right of return to this Stallion if Mare was sold or ownership of Mare was transferred after being serviced by LTD’s Quick Cash unless agreed upon by Breeder.

7. This Mare will be examined by a veterinarian by ultra-sound after the mare is bred to ensure conception at mare owner’s expense.  Equine Medical Center has specialized equipment for miniature horse ultrasound testing and can test at approximately 16-21 days.

8. Mare owner grants Stallion owner permission to make any needed emergency decisions for the care of the Mare while on the property of Due Process Stable if mare owner can not be reached telephonically at the time of incident, and agrees to pay the Equine Medical Center for any services rendered while at Due Process Stable. 

9. Russ Barnhart, Blacksmith services are routinely scheduled every six weeks and may be available if the mare is on premises during the scheduled visit.  If mare owner opts to uses his services the cost is $40 and owner must leave a check made payable directly to Russ Barnhart prior to the date of service.

Payment of Fees:
1. Booking Fee ($75) is due at the time this contract is signed and must be submitted with the contract.
2. Mare Care expenses and Balance of Breeding fees are due and payable prior to the Mare’s departure from Due Process Stable.
3. Booking fee and Mare care fees are non-refundable.

By signing this contract the Stallion and Mare Owner are indicating that they have read the contract and agree to its terms.
LTDs Quick Cash Owner                                                                             Mare Owner

Signed: _______________________                                                   Signed:___________________________

Date:     _________________________                                             Date: _____________________________

The following information must be filled out by the Mare Owner and furnished to Due Process Stable at the time the contract is submitted.
Mare Owners Name:  _____________________________________________
Address:   _____________________________________________
City:  ______________________         State:  _____________    Zip: ____________
Telephone:                   ______________________        Cell Phone: ___________________________
Email:                ______________________________________
Designated Emergency Contact if Owner can’t be reached: _________________________________
Contact phone number: ______________________________
Does this mare have any allegies/conditions/special needs that Breeder needs to be aware of?  Yes or No
If Yes, please list the information: ________________________________________________________
Please indicate what month you would like your mare booked for breeding next year: _______________